Maranya is not a product but a participatory experience that we create among everyone. That means that for a couple of days we invite everyone to feel part of Maranya either as a volunteer or proposing an activity, a workshop or music.



Maranya invites us to live intensely the present and express ourselves as we are, each one in its own unique way. In conclusion: a fun space to connect with ourselves, society and nature.



While you enjoy the sun and the surroundings, feeling inspired by ecological designs and like-minded people, we invite you to remember the importance of playing and celebrating, participating in games, fun in the river and dancing under the stars.



We aim to make possible an experience of personal transformation and connection between people and projects. We want to create a space where we can overcome the barriers that exist between us and know the reality of those around us.



Our goal is to be as ecological an event as possible. We invite you to use resources responsibly, protect the environment, use water carefully and leave no trace (such as cigarette butts, plastic bags, etc.). 


We believe in union over division and in solidarity among people, including those less fortunate than we / the oppressed / minority groups.



Our inspiring and diverse workshops will have an educational component to raise awareness as much as possible.



Maranya is an event organized by volunteers. Any possible remnants that remain after the festival will be reinvested in the event next year. The accounts will be published after the festival.



This event will be an inclusive and respectful space with human diversity in all its forms and accepts people regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, etc.

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