Maranya Festival is an event organized by three entities in collaboration with the Mayjal Bioescuela and the Lafont Camping.

Boodaville is an association founded by Anna Gurney. Its main project is a rural permaculture center under development near Calaceite. There, visitors can learn about effective and sustainable design techniques as well as self-sufficient lifestyles. Boodaville started out in 2008 with the purchase of 1.5 hectares of olive terraces and pine forests. An expanding international community has been involved in its growth over the years.


Allmyfrnds is an event producer, promoter and booking agency that started in 2014. They have produced their own cultural festival called ‘Salut a la Muerte’. In 2018 they produced their first Off Sónar event, around the series of events happening prior to the Sónar festival in Barcelona. Along with all this, they have dedicated themselves to producing several different series of events, Organic Electronic, Bunker Sessions, Beats & Ink … They are currently preparing the development and launch of their record label: RaRaRa Records.


Journey to Sustainability is an entity in Zaragoza committed to advancing towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable society through educational activities with young people. Its philosophy is in good harmony with sustainable tourism, bioconstruction, permaculture, rural entrepreneurship and the social economy. Their activities include talks, camps, training courses, excursions, weekend workshops, international projects. They work with the European Erasmus Plus program, facilitating international mobility for young people and adults throughout Europe through exchanges, training and European volunteering.

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