We will be online with 3 workshops and 2 DJ sets!! You are all welcome to join the workshops, drop in to our open zoom meeting to chat, and listen to some great music!!


Saturday 19th SEPT 2020

11-11:30 CET Heart-centred meditation with Vianna
12-13:00 CET Introduction to Yoga for Social Justice with Vianna

13:00-16:00 LUNCH BREAK

16-17:30 CET Introduction to Regenerative Cultures with Anna

19:00 Soundcheck and general chat
20:00 CET DJ Badger – music to get you dancing (classics) live-stream from Uganda
21:00 CET DJ Spanish Boobs takes us back to ruta de bacalao

more info / questions / más info / preguntas / versión en castellano :




Maranya or maraña represents our way of connecting people who believe in taking care of the planet, and creating a sustainable and conscientious way of life.

We invite you to spend three days getting tangled up in the games, workshops and music we offer this springtime in the Matarranya region of Spain.

This festival has its roots in Boodaville, a gathering that in recent years has offered a collaborative experience of fun and learning, also in the Matarranya region.

We want to celebrate, exchange ideas and weave networks. We want to create an open space for people to have fun and discuss the challenges that humanity faces together.

¡¡Maranya is a non-profit event that we are creating together!!



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