Fuentespalda & Surrounding Area


Fuentespalda is a small village (under 300 inhabitants) in Matarranya, close to where the regions of Aragón, Catalonia and Valencia meet. The historic town has beautiful little streets which makes you believe time stood still.

Surrounded by the mountains of Els Ports national park, Fuentespalda gives you the feeling you’re stepping into a different world. The mountainviews, fresh air and little light pollution makes the surroundings look breathtaking, both day and night. The moon won’t come out until late at night so it’s going to be brilliant for stargazing this year!

Other points of interest:

Tastavins River

The nearest swim spot to the site is about half an hours walk.. a possible excursion on Saturday afternoon, and just maybe the chance to pick up some extra gymkana points..

El Salt

This incredible waterfall is about 20 mins drive

La Pesquera

The absolutely stunning Els Ports mountains are a 30 min drive from site, and this area is outstandingly beautiful, although parking here costs 8 euros!

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