The organizers of the event already have a reputation for providing excellent local and organic food during their events and courses, so we will invite good chefs to the festival to prepare delicious food every day.

The meals will be served at fixed times in different places: Breakfast at the camping bar, lunch at the Bioschool and dinner at the bar / stage area.

For a #zerowaste party we have dishes for everyone’s use, but you must bring your own cutlery and you can wash your own dishes in the sink once you have eaten. We will provide reusable plastic cups with a deposit of 1 euro (you can still bring your own cup if you do not like to drink in plastic cups).



09:00 – 10:00

Simple breakfast consisting of pastries and fruit with tea and coffee at € 3.00 (Saturday and Sunday)

13:00 – 15:00

Collaborative with a Syrian Refugee Group who have set up catering for families to generate income, for lunch @ The Kitchen in the Bioschool we will be offering typical Syrian plates for € 2.50 or delicious sandwiches for € 3.50 (Saturday and Sunday).

There will be a workshop on Saturday at 14h by Ruth who works with this organization and is going to share information and open a space to discuss issues related to refugees.


8:00 pm 

Creamy Carrot Soup and Potato Leak Soup served with Bread and fresh Salad.

Golden Butternut Squash, Chickpea Curry served with Rise, fresh Salad and Hummus

For those who can not wait until lunchtime, there will be food stalls providing snacks. 

You can bring your own food to the festival both on the campsite and in the Bioschool, but there are no cooking facilities or a fridge available for visitors at the festival (please check in with us if you need a fridge for medicine or for dietary reasons !).


Smoothie Bar


In addition to all this food on offer, we will be offering fresh chilled fruit smoothies from our smoothie bar in the sunshine at the Bioescuela during the day. (Saturday and Sunday)
Ben’s Bar


Ben’s Boodaville bar will be coming to the Bioescuela to offer «frankly amazing» craft beers during the daytime.
Maranya Bar

(evening onwards)

The Maranya bar will be open at the stage area in the afternoons and evenings offering everything from your conventional (and not so conventional) soft drinks to craft beers, local eco wines and a range of cocktails including our own Maranya cocktail containing ginger and honey!

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