Introduction to Regenerative Cultures ¡ONLINE! – Anna Louise Gurney

Saturday 19th Sept 16:00 CET

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This workshop is a chance to explore what a future living in balance with natural systems could look like. Designing regenerative cultures is key to finding our way to a positive future and the ideas we discuss are related to permaculture, deep ecology and systems thinking.

If a garden is regenerative, what is being improved?

Seeing the whole system is a crucial part of designing regenerative cultures, and we will start by exploring the «story of seperation» vs the «story of interbeing».


This workshop will include time to discuss, imagine and share ideas in areas of life; agriculture, education, working with others, self-care.

The session is based on the excellent and highly recommended book «Designing Regenerative Cultures» by Daniel Christian Wahl


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Anna Louise Gurney, originally from the UK, has been a secondary school teacher for 13 years in Barcelona. During this time she has also studied Permaculture and developed the Boodaville Education Project, an association working with European youth including a demonstration site in Matarranya.

Anna Louise Gurney, originaria del Reino Unido, ha sido maestra de secundaria durante 13 años en Barcelona. Durante este tiempo también estudió Permacultura y desarrolló el Proyecto Educativo Boodaville, una asociación que trabaja con jóvenes europeos que incluye un sitio de demostración en Matarranya.




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