Festival Origins: From Boodaville to Maranya

Anna Gurney

«Boodaville» is a project founded by Anna Gurney. Its main project is a rural permaculture centre in development near the town of Calaceite, where you can learn about effective and sustainable design techniques as well as ecological ways of life. Boodaville started in 2008 with the purchase of 1.5 hectares of terraces of olive trees and pine forests in a beautiful and tranquil setting. Over the years, an international community of volunteers have continually been involved in helping it grow.

Estrellas desde la cúpula geodésica de Boodaville

Up until this year, Boodaville has organised an annual event that began as Anna’s birthday party and organically evolved into the Boodaville Festival. This event has brought together more than a hundred people of many nationalities with the desire to spend a relaxed weekend away, where there is room to party, to learn and to have fun. The crowd is quite diverse. The number of people attending has grown over the years with the last edition in 2018 reaching 120 people, when it became clear that in order to grow, the festival needed a new, larger location.

Bioescuela de Fuentespalda

We found the ideal place in the town of Fuentespalda, located in the same region of Matarraña. This beautiful town not only had a place which demonstrated methods of ecological living (The Mayesla Bioescuela), but had a campsite with all the necessary services to house a festival in close proximity. We have gotten to know a wonderful family that runs both spaces and has welcomed our proposal. And … after several visits, we have come to an agreement with the campsite and the Bioescuela that has given rise to the Maranya Festival!

The following video offers a short report on the Bioescuela Mayjal:

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