JOIN US!! – https://zoom.us/j/98637883715


We will be online with 3 workshops and 2 DJ sets!! You are all welcome to join the workshops, drop in to our open zoom meeting to chat, and listen to some great music!!


Saturday 19th SEPT 2020

11-11:30 CET Heart-centred meditation with Vianna
12-13:00 CET Introduction to Yoga for Social Justice with Vianna

13:00-16:00 LUNCH BREAK

16-17:30 CET Introduction to Regenerative Cultures with Anna

19:00 Soundcheck and general chat
20:00 CET DJ Badger – music to get you dancing (classics) live-stream from Uganda
21:00 CET DJ Spanish Boobs takes us back to ruta de bacalao

more info / questions / más info / preguntas / versión en castellano : https://www.facebook.com/events/344330160255801/


Tras el éxito de la 1ª edición del Festival Maranya, hemos plantado la semilla para 2020. A pesar de la incertidumbre, estamos más comprometidos que nunca con construir una comunidad más fuerte y un estilo de vida conectado y regenerativo. Aunque no hemos podido mantener las fechas originalmente planeadas para mayo ya podemos anunciar las nuevas fechas: ¡18-20 de septiembre de 2020!


After the success of Maranya’s inaugural festival last year, we have been planting the seeds for Maranya 2020. Beyond all the uncertainty we are more committed than ever to building a stronger community and creating a regenerative and connected way of living, and we want to give you something to look forward to. We can’t do the original 2020 date but we are now ready to announce new dates: the 18-20th September 2020! See you there! 




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